A fight between two Acadiana High School students yesterday was caught on video and it's troubling to watch. We have made the decision not to embed the graphic video.

The video that was sent to us shows both students throwing punches. But, a final punch by one student forced the other one down- hitting the back of his head on one of the concrete benches in the "commons area".

KPEL News has learned that the student whose head hit the concrete bench is said to be okay. Authorities were told that the student was cleared medically.

When we contacted the Scott Police Department, Chief Chad Leger said that officers did respond to a fight at the school.

The two juvenile students each have been charged. One student has been charged with second-degree battery and one with disturbing the peace by fighting.

The investigation into what exactly happened to spark the fight is ongoing.

The school's resource officer was there and the student was immediately treated.

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