I got a note and picture from my buddy Julien DuPuis this morning on Facebook that I thought was worth sharing.

First, the picture he sent with the explanation that read: "Luke Bryan's team helped me get back on the road this morning. Rough blowout on my music trailer."

Julien DuPuis, Facebook
Julien DuPuis, Facebook

I figured that might be Luke Bryan's crew that just arrived at the Cajundome to prepare for the big concert tonight. But I just had to know what exactly happened that led to this cool picture.

So here you go, as Paul Harvey would say "the rest of the story," as told to me by Julien:

Left home before daybreak to head to Holy Cross Catholic Church to set up for a young adult conference for youth ministers across the state. Heading from University down Congress I hear a loud noise behind me to discover my rear passenger tire on my music trailer has blown and had taken most of the fender with it. I pull into the closest parking lot which so happens to be the Cajundome. I pulled over to the left thinking no one will be here at this time.

A buddy of mine gave me a ride to pick up a jack and when we began working on replacing the blown tire with the spare, in drives Luke Bryan’s tour big rigs. After taking off the tire we discovered that the sheet metal is bent on the trailer and we are unable to put the spare on. Standing there trying to figure out how to fix the issue…mind you, trucks and buses are steadily rolling in and parking right in front of where I’m parked. Over walks Mr. Mike, a merch driver for Luke Bryan (the guy on the right in the photo) to offer assistance. He brought over a “fix-all” duck tape to hold back the bent sheet metal and a toolset to remove the torn-up fender. While working, other drivers walked over to offer assistance. After wrapping up, Mr. Mike walks over to his truck and gives me a shīrt. I had to get a photo for proof. This doesn’t happen every day.

This was just too cool not to share. It goes to show you that "most people are good."

To everyone in Luke Bryan's crew that stepped in to help our friend, thank you. And welcome to Cajun country.

Oh, we'll see everyone at the show tonight. Doors open at 5:30 pm with showtime set for 7:00 pm.

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