Just when you thought Adele's comeback single had given you all the life there was to give, allow this New Orleans Bounce remix of "Hello" to prove you wrong.

Out of nowhere, it's like this twerk-tastic remix came to slay you—and then give you life all over again. That's right—for those keeping track at home, that means Adele has given you life not once, but TWICE with her latest single, "Hello."

this remix is saying "Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

This isn't the first time Adele has been given the NOLA treatment with "that beat."

The New Orleans Bounce remix of "Rolling In The Deep" put a spin (no pun intended) on a smash hit, making it an instant classic with a whole new audience. There are probably people out there who became Adele fans because of that remix, and that remix alone.

For those fans, and for many others, this remix of Adele's latest hit is most definitely heaven sent. What's even better is there is a direct download link in the description of the YouTube video for you to add this to your iPod or any of your favorite playlists.

Bounce Music and Adele: A Match Made In New Orleans.

[via New Orleans Bounce]