This was ugly.

A school administrator was caught on camera throwing a kid against a wall and now some are asking how the administrator is still employed after this incident.

The incident was all caught on camera from a campus in Round Rock, Texas that accommodates students with special needs.

The kid was sent to a "cool down room" after he was accused of yelling profanities at his teachers, and when the kid attempted to leave the room, the administrator grabbed him and threw him up against the wall.

As you will see below, the kid hit his head on the wall and then bounced up and gave a motion as if he was going to hit the teachers in the room.

According to KXAN, the administrator is no longer on campus, but is still employed by the school district and is working at the central office.

The student was also restrained while on the ground and he could be heard yelling that he hates the place he was in.

The incident was reported to the Texas Department of Children and Families and according to the report they have ruled out abuse.

The parents of the student hired a lawyer after they were informed of the incident and became aware of the video involving their kid being pushed and restrained.


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