Afroman has remade his 2000 stoner anthem 'Because I Got High' in an effort to bring people out to the polls this November to vote for the legalization of marijuana.

When the original song came out, it went viral before viral even existed. The song didn't gain popularity on the radio or as a result of a major label backing it. 'Because I Got High' was passed around on file sharing services like Napster and burned CDs. The track blew up, landing Afroman a record deal with Universal Records and sold over 1.5 million copies.

The song was the 2001 summer anthem and even received a Grammy nomination—which is impressive considering it only took Afroman "two minutes and 11 seconds to write" while inspired by "some chronic weed."

The reason behind the songs mass popularity was the fact that it appealed to those who were both pro or anti-marijuana. Your average weed smoker found the lyrics hilarious and relatable, while others used the record as a platform to stand against the legalization of the drug based on the stupid things that Afroman rapped about doing while under the influence.

This time around Afroman is taking a stance as a self-described ambassador for the legalization of marijuana, rapping about all the positive things that marijuana can be used for.

I had problems with glaucoma, but then I got high

Smelled a cannabis aroma, and I got high

Glaucoma’s getting better, and I know why (why, man?)

Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high

Has Afroman really turned over a new leaf? Just a few years back he was being served with papers for failing to show up to concerts because he got high (seriously) and now–backed by NORML and Weedmaps—Afroman is on a political crusade fueled by positivity.

Alaska, Washington DC and Oregon will be voting on full legalization. Florida is voting for medical marijuana.

Will it work? I guess we'll find out on November 4th.

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