This video of a failed assassination attempt of Ahmed Dogan in Bulgaria has gone viral, and you can see it here.

The Turkish party leader,  Ahmed Dogan, was delivering a speech at a party caucus in the capital Saturday when the gunman walked up to him and attempted to shoot him in the head.

The weapon, a gas pistol, appeared to jam, sparing this political leader's life. Personal Security and The Bulgarian Police were able to detain the man with the gun, but the worst was yet to come for the attempted assassin when other members of the party got their hands and feet on him.

Police arrested the 25-year-old, Oktai Enimehmedov, and took him to a hospital. It wasn't immediately clear if he sustained serious injuries, or how he got past security to enter the hall with nearly 3,000 people attending. Aside from having the pistol in his possession, Enimehmedov also had two knives in the possession.

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