1) Installing a wifi thermostat will alleviate any frustrations when forgetting to set it when you are away from home for an extended amount of time. You have the capabilities to remotely adjust your thermostat to a desirable temperature that is suitable when no one is in the house. This will help you reduce your energy costs as well as prolong the life of your unit because the system would not have to run as much. A wifi thermostat can also be compatible with voice command if you have the capabilities to do home automation.

2) VOC's and contaminants can get into the air you breathe in your home. Most of the contaminants that enter your home are typically from the attic, which houses fiberglass insulation and rodent excrements that can cause allergies and other illness. An air filtration system or accessory will help to clean the air and help prevent contaminants from getting into your system, which could shorten the lifespan of your unit, and help prevent allergies and visits to the doctor.

3) Most people don't realize that the amount of money spent to repair a unit that is 10+ years and constantly needing repairs could be used towards a new system or unit. If you keep repairing the unit, you're essentially throwing that money out the window. Consider getting a quote on a new system from a certified HVAC company.

4) Most people don't know that properly sizing your HVAC system to your home is extremely important. This means that the right tonnage for a unit is providing the exact amount of air to cool or heat your home based off the square footage of your home. Over or under sizing a unit for your home can cause problems within your home or to the system itself. To ensure proper sizing when getting a quote for a new system, ask for a manual load, which will provide an accurate analysis of the size system is required for your home.

5) Most people use surge protectors to protect their household electronics. Why not do the same for your HVAC system? We are going into hurricane season and it's important to be proactive with all the storms that we encounter. When you purchase a surge protector at 2% of the cost of a new system, it makes sense that you would want to protect one of your biggest investments whenever there are electrical surges and brown outs. This type of protection will only help you to save money down the road and help prevent you from purchasing a new system.

6) Just like changing the oil in a car, it's important that the filters in your HVAC system need to be changed at a consistent rate. Filters capture dust and small debris from getting into the unit. When the filter is not changed, then the HVAC system is straining because the required airflow is not getting to the unit which then shortens the life of the system, which in the long run means more costly repairs.

7) Remodeling a home can be daunting with all the work and money put into it, so why not go the extra mile to turn off your HVAC system during construction? By turning your system off, you'll be protect your system from getting damaged from all the dust in the air. If the unit was running during your remodel, it's recommended that you get your ducts cleaned so keep the air you breathe clean and free of any construction contaminants.

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