If you are on Twitter you have probably stumbled upon "Alex From Target." Alex is the latest "hit" on Twitter amongst most teenage girls.

For Alex, it all started when a young lady snapped his photo, while at work at a Target location in Texas, and posted it on-line. Since then, Alex has become an overnight celebrity amongst teens, garnishing over 500,000 "Likes" on Twitter.

Teens know how to use Twitter and as soon as Alex's photo was posted on the social media site, he blew up!! Since the photo of Alex at work has surfaced, he has appeared on network television and has become the latest internet star. For now at least.

As to be expected, there are now a number of FAKE accounts out there pretending to be Alex, but Twitter Nation knows that there can only be ONE Alex from Target. I'm sure Alex is enjoying the instant fame, but with fame comes problems, and it seems like those closest to him are already having to deal with those trying to get to know "Alex From Target."

Let's hope for Alex that Target makes him the face of their franchise and compensates him appropriately.

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