It is officially hot outside and there is nothing better than getting out of the heat and into the water.

However, we all know here in Louisiana, that most of our water is brown and not all that attractive for dipping one's self into.

Fear not, we still have some waterways that we put our backside in from time to time. And one of our favorite ways to do that is by floating leisurely in a tube.

Although Louisiana doesn't have a ton of rivers that are ideal for tubing, we do have a few.

To help you find these waterways, we've put together a list of all the places where you can go tubing in Louisiana, specifically, the businesses that rent tubes.

Places to Go Tubing in Louisiana

If we've left off any tubing rental business, feel free to email that business name to and we'll make sure we add to the list.

The weather's hot, so get out and enjoy the great outdoors in Louisiana!

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