It's no secret that the Saints have struggled over the first seven weeks of the season with a record of 2-5. The team has looked stagnant at times on offense and the defense looks like it has a hard time stopping anyone right now. The team's struggles have only added to the controversy of some of its high-profile players.

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First, let's start with the fact that Jameis Winston has been benched for Andy Dalton despite being healthy enough to play now. This had a lot of fans scratching their head after Dalton's rocky performance against the Cardinals where he threw two pick-sixes. Then, there is Michael Thomas who is going to miss his fifth straight game with an apparent toe injury. This has fans questioning whether he has given up on the team or not.

There is a lot going on inside the Saints locker room, but this post is all about Alvin Kamara. The Saint's star running back has been a big topic of discussion on Twitter the last couple of days with the trade deadline quickly approaching. a lot of talks have emerged in the past few days with rumors of a possible trade that would send Kamara to the Eagles.


Many fans and analyst had their ideas about the situation and it didn't seem impossible to think about. The team is struggling at the moment and many were wondering if this could be the start of a rebuild. The trade rumors certainly weren't helped when Alvin Kamara sent out this tweet in the middle of it all.

As I said, it didn't help quiet the rumors down at all. Fans from around the NFL were reacting to Kamara's confusing tweet.

The Eagles are known for making big moves as the trade deadline approaches. They brought in veteran running back Jay Ajayi in 2018 to give their team a much-needed boost for a Super Bowl run. The Eagles have recently done business with the Saints as well when they acquired C.J. Gardner-Johnson before the start of the season. This move would also free up a lot of cap space for the Saints as they are projected to be way over the cap come next season. Have no fear Saints fans, the Eagle rumors have been put to rest for now.

With the Eagle's trade rumors being put to bed, for now, that still raises an important question. Should the Saints actually consider trading their star running back? It is certainly something the Bensons could think about with the team needing to save cap space and not having a first-round draft pick next year.


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