If you missed it on American Idol, Joshua Ledet, who is from West Lake Louisiana, had a surprise roll out before him while on the big stage. Being away from home for such a lengthy time at this time of year can deprive you from a local delicacy, BOILED CRAWFISH. Well, luckily for Joshua with the help of Louisiana Seadfood Promotion and Marketing Board, Randol's Seafood Restaurant and American Idol producers Josuha got boiled crawfish while on stage.

Watch as Joshua "digs-in" on the "mud bugs" and then even proceeds to educate host Ryan Seacrest on how to peel and eat the southern dish. Knowing how messy this can get, do you think that the Idol producers had a mop on standby JUST in case? In any way, Joshua is doing great in the competition and has captured not only the ears of the judges and America, but he has also captured the hearts of so many too.