TMZ is reporting that the only original judge left on American Idol, Randy Jackson, is no longer going to be on the judge's panel in the upcoming season. Yes, the "Dog Pound" has been closed!!!!

TMZ says that while Jackson may no longer be on the judge's panel, he will remain with the show as a mentor. Sources close to Idol say that the higher-ups on the show would prefer to not have Jackson on the show in any capacity, but he is considered the "glue" of the show---holing it all together.

For weeks we have heard rumors that Nicki Minaj would join the show, but Idol has yet to confirm that statement. Reports out of the Idol camp do indicate that the show is leaning towards having FOUR judges on the upcoming show.

The Louisiana native has yet to release a statement, but I'm sure he saw this coming. The show is desperately looking for ways to stay "fresh," and it has been a revolving door in previous seasons at the judges table.