An amazing video was captured in the Outback of Australia as fire and wind were brought together as one. Yes, an Alice Springs filmmaker captured both when a whirlwind of fire erupted before his eyes. Chris Tangey of Alice Springs Film and Television was scouting locations near Curtin Springs station, about 80km from Ularu, last week when confronted by a fiery phenomenon. Watch what happens when a tornado sweeps across the land that has been engulfed with flames.

At one point it appears that the entire tornado is on fire as it sweeps up debris and FIRE all at once. Reports indicate that the tornado of fire danced around the landscape for nearly 40 minutes. As to be expected, many of the eyewitnesses were left in utter shock after this event.

Darwin weather forecaster David Matthews said small twisters were common in isolated areas. But the fiery vortex was highly unusual.