Mailmen have it rough as it is. They have to deliver the mail in rai,n sleet or snow. What ever the day brings they have to be out there delivering the mail to us. It's been their policy since day one. It's bad enough they have to watch out for big dogs and people trying to rob them on a daily basis. This poor mailman has it really rough. He has to tell his boss that an inside cat has his number, and won't let him deliver the mail without attacking him through the mail slot in the door.

It is obvious that this cat has it out for the mailman from the second he starts walking up the sidewalk. You can see the cat in the window anxiously awaiting the mailman's arrival. As soon as he tries to put the mail in the mail slot, the cat immediately starts attacking him. The cat won't let him put the mail in and even pulls his gloves off with its sharp claws. That's one mean kitty! I'm not sure how this family gets their mail, but I would suggest either get rid of the cat or get a mailbox.

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