A UFO was sighted in Lafayette skies and reported to the Mutual UFO Network.

As you may have heard, a woman believes she may have spotted a UFO over Lafayette last night. Another Lafayette sighting has just turned up, this time officially reported to MUFON, which investigates UFO reports around the world. While this sighting took place last May, it was just posted to MUFON's UFO tracker yesterday. It's a coincidence, but two UFO reports in two days is quite strange even if the sightings didn't happen at the same time.

Here's the description of the May sighting from MUFON:

I was in our jacuzzi one night and saw a round light hovering in the distance. didn't think much of it at first until i realized it didn't really go anywhere for quite some time. at this point i really started looking at it close and realized it was sort of blinking, changing colors and somewhat bouncing around but never going anywhere. i then got my wife to come outside and look at it. she agreed with me that it was very strange and she had never seen anything like this. shortly after she went inside the round light disappeared then a short time later i saw a large set of lights coming at me somewhat low. at first, i just assumed it was an airplane since we do have an airport not too far from here. however, as it got closer i realized that it was much bigger than the planes that do fly over our house and made no sound. that's when i grabbed my phone, but before i could start to film the object turned and went behind the roofline of my next door neighbors house. i kept filming in hopes that it would fly past the roofline and back in view. after a few seconds i managed to catch it on video as it passed between houses.

Based on the map included with the report, the May sighting was just north of Broussard. Did you see something in the skies that night that you couldn't identify or on any other night? Don't hesitate to report your sightings to MUFON so that they can include it in their reporting and investigation of UFOs in Louisiana and the rest of the country.

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