Will Donald Trump run for President?

When that question was asked about a decade or so ago, it wasn't really met with much anticipation. Sure, some people thought it would be interesting but the billionaire was thought of as much for his celebrity status as he was for his net worth.

Fast forward to 2022. One term as President under his belt but an election in 2020 that left many people believing Trump was cheated out of a second term and that Presidential run question is met with a ton of anticipation. Whether you are for Trump or against him, you pay attention.

Donald Trump Holds A "Save America" Rally In Phoenix
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Today is the day that the 45th President has been teasing as his day for a "big announcement."

Two years ago we were a great nation, and we will be a great nation again," said Trump on the eve of the November 8th Elections. "Not to detract from tomorrow's very important even critical election… I'm going to be making a very big announcement on Tuesday Nov. 15 at  Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach."


Many are expecting that the "big announcement" is another Presidential run. And there's a difference of opinion among Republicans/conservatives as to whether he should make another run or step aside for the very popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to assume the GOP nominee spot.


In August of this year, Trump released a campaign-style video on his social media platform Truth Social following the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago home. In the video, Trump highlighted many of the problems America is facing today - record inflation, high gas problems, Russian's invasion of Ukraine, the controversial withdrawal from Afghanistan, and others - painting America as "a nation in decline."

Will Donald Trump run for President? We should find out later today.

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