Will all of your precious photos and memories really be deleted from your iPhone on Wednesday (Jul. 26)?

I have personally seen all of the warnings on Facebook and other social media platforms from numerous people warning their friends and followers about this digital doomsday. I have even gotten an email (more like a phishing attempt) telling me to click on this terrible HTML button that reminded me of some teenagers' MySpace home page from the early 2000s.

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So, what's the deal? Do we need to back up our photos or what?

Apple has reassured its customers that it will not be permanently deleting photos from iPhones as some online fears have suggested. The concerns arose due to an announcement by the tech giant regarding the discontinuation of its My Photo Stream service on July 26. However, Apple clarifies that this move does not mean photos will vanish anytime soon.

The My Photo Stream service allowed users to automatically upload their most recent 1,000 photos to iCloud for free, enabling easy access to them on any Apple device for a period of 30 days after they were taken. However, this service stopped automatically uploading photos on June 26, exactly 30 days before the scheduled shutdown date.

With the discontinuation of My Photo Stream, users will no longer be able to take photos on one Apple device and automatically access them on another, such as taking a photo on an iPhone and instantly accessing it on an iPad.

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Despite this change, Apple emphasizes that the photos are still securely stored on at least one of the user's devices. As long as users have the device containing their original photos, there is no risk of losing them during this process.

To ensure all-device access to their photos going forward, users are advised to transfer the photos they still want to keep to iCloud Photos. This will allow them to continue accessing the photos on any of their Apple devices. Any photos left in My Photo Stream after the discontinuation date will only be accessible on the specific device where they were originally taken.

Apple has provided a guide for users to assist them in managing their desired access to photos effectively, ensuring a smooth transition away from the My Photo Stream service.

In conclusion, the concerns about Apple deleting photos from iPhones on July 26 are unfounded. While the My Photo Stream service is being discontinued, photos will not be deleted, and users can take simple steps to maintain access to their cherished memories across all their Apple devices.

Get more info here from Apple to make sure your photos are safe and sound.

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