If you follow college football then you know who Arch Manning is. If you live in Louisiana then you don't need to be told much more about Arch Manning. You know he is the son of Cooper Manning whose father Archie had a couple of other sons, Peyton and Eli who did pretty well for themselves on the football field.

Peyton, Archie and Eli Manning
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The pundits say Arch Manning has all the skills and temperament needed to be just as successful as his two uncles Eli and Peyton. That's why the recruitment of Arch Manning should be on Netflix as a sports-related reality drama. Because Lord knows, the signing of Arch has had some drama and it's going to have some more before he eventually decides on where he will take his talents for college football.

Just to bring you up to speed on the Arch Manning recruiting scenario he still has one full season of high school football left in New Orleans. He isn't required to actually "sign" with a university's athletic program until February 1, 2023, but the speculation is that he will make his decision known sooner than later.

The speculation right now is that Arch is looking seriously at three schools Alabama, Georgia, and Texas. The University of Texas is where Arch was visiting recently and the school's recruiting team took the potential Longhorn to Top Golf. It was there we learned that Arch Manning is a pretty darn good golfer too.

Based on this video from Manning's trip to Top Golf in Austin, if the football thing doesn't work out, the golf thing might.

He gave that ball a ride, that's for sure. Arch's Dad Cooper has spoken of his son's golf prowess before suggesting that he wished his son, in fact, all of his kids, played golf a little bit more. Cooper evidently is a big golfer and like Arch's dad, I can see where wanting to use the sport to spend more time with your kids could be a win/win scenario.

The golf coach at Cooper's New Orleans area high school remarked earlier that he had heard that Arch was almost a scratch golfer even though he doesn't play the game that often. Coach Nelson Stewart suggested that Manning's overall abilities as an athlete probably played a lot more into his ability to golf than anything else.

Somehow I don't think Arch will be taking off the helmet and heading for the LIV or the PGA Tour just yet. He's got high school to finish, a college to choose, and millions to make. I wonder what kind of NIL money Texas could offer him? We know Alabama won't go overboard, that's sarcasm. And Georgia, well they might be the dark horse in all of this recruiting strategy.

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