We live in a very unique, and some might say, spooky, place. Louisiana is famous for voodoo, superstitions, and above ground cemeteries, so it's not that far of a stretch to say that we actually believe in the other worldly. At least sometimes.

Only in Louisiana has found some Louisiana superstitions that you might or might not believe in, but it's a pretty good bet that you at least grew up hearing about them. Some of them are below, and be sure to tell us in the comments if we have forgotten any.

  • If an alligator crawls under your house, it means a death will soon happen in the family
  • Drill a hole in a dime and wear it around your neck for protection from the devil. For added defense, spit three times
  • Dropping a dish towel on the floor means you'll be getting visitors soon
  • Cut your fingernails on Monday to ensure that you get a present during the week
  • Hang a mirror outside your door for protection from the devil. He will be so enthralled with looking at himself that he will not come after you.
  • If you spot a white butterfly, it means good news is coming your way
  • Read the bible backwards to keep spirits from entering your house
  • Hearing a hen crow means a death in the family is imminent
  • If a mop brushes over your foot, you'll never find true love
  • If you are bit by a snake, chase it into some nearby water so that it will die. (Then go get medical help)
  • Don't ever eat both ends of a loaf of bread. Always throw one away so that money will come your way.
  • If your left hand itches, money is coming your way. If your right hand itches an old friend is coming your way.

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