First it was the hundreds of gators that had allegedly collected in a waterway in Butte La Rose. Then, it was the INSANELY huge 'Morganza Snake' that had slithered out of hiding to strike fear into the hearts of Acadiana Facebook users. Well, it turns out that video of the gators was actually from a rare feeding frenzy caught on tape a year ago in Georgia, and the 'Morganza Snake' was really a King Brown snake, the second longest species of snake in Australia, where the picture was actually taken.

It seems as if people are taking advantage of the current Morganza situation to have a little fun via social media sites like Facebook where information, and MISinformation can travel at lightning speeds. The latest of these viral photos doesn't feature reptiles, which takes a little bit of the edge off, but instead, deer are the subject. This picture has been passed around, and some are saying that it is a shot of deer retreating in Stubbs Island, which is in Tunica County in NW Mississippi. Of course, the locals are tying this to Morganza. Take a look at the photo below, and as we have asked before, we ask again ...

Real ? or Fake ?

BONUS: For some extra added humor, check out this picture that is also floating around the web ... which CLEARLY explains why the deer were retreating.