Ariana Grande fell off stage during one of her Sweetener shows this weekend.

The "thank u, next" hitmaker now joins the long list of celebrities who have slipped, tripped and even face-planted while performing in front of millions of fans. For Grande, it happened during a concert in Tampa Bay, Florida, as she was strutting her stuff in thigh high boots. She tripped and lost her balance, landing on her knees, but luckily her backup dancer was there to gracefully catch her and place her safely back on stage.

"Thank you for making me feel loved when I fell earlier," Grande later told her fans, according to a local news site. "I had to fall. It's been 87 shows and I haven't fallen yet, so it had to happen. She fell on beat I have tears.”

The pop star also responded to a fan-shared video of her tumble. "oh my. at least i still made the button. i’m crying. things were going too well," she wrote, brushing it off like the queen she is.

Grande's fall follows her decision to cancel a show last weekend after falling sick with a bad sinus infection. She told fans she was in "so much pain" and even shared videos of herself receiving an IV of fluids.

“I woke up kind of ten times worse and it hurts so bad to swallow,” Grande said at the time. “I’m not really sure what’s going on. But, I, unfortunately, don’t think I will be able to push through tonight. I am so sad and sorry."

The singer is currently wrapping up the last 14 shows on her successful Sweetener Tour, which kicked off in March and officially comes to an end on December 22 in Los Angeles. Tickets and more information are available here.

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