Ariana Grande moves from side to side and, last night (September 19), nearly right off the stage.

The Dangerous Woman singer, who's just a show away from closing out her new album's eponymous tour, posted a video to Instagram Tuesday in which she nearly takes a spill during a performance of "Side to Side."

"Can't believe we made it to the second to last show without me slipping on that slippery ass stool honestly I'll take it," Grande captioned with the clip, in which she stumbles a bit before laughing with a crowd of thousands. Ever the pro, though, she eventually regains her composure and does what we expect her to do: sing, and sing damn well.

"YOU ARE SO CUTE OMG ARI I LOVE YOU," one follower wrote while another noted "Aww haha she owned it ! best thing is to laugh at yourself."

Grande also got emotional about her tour's end, noting on Twitter "nobody is ready for this tour to end. we love you v much. i love you so v much. damn."

Photos From Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour:

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