Reports say that a woman has filed a lawsuit against a New Orleans casino as well as one of their employees after she was denied entry. Deja Harrison, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, reportedly claims that the casino caused her emotional and psychological distress when they allegedly accused her of fraud.

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23-year-old Deja Harrison's experience at Harrah's Casino in New Orleans did not go the way she expected after being denied entry due to issues with her identification. Harrison recorded the interaction and shared it on social media, garnishing plenty of attention.

Here is the original video of the interaction shared by @dejaharrisontv from Twitter.

The video gained lots of attention on social media, but that isn't where Deja Harrison's story is ending.

Lawsuit Against Harrah's Casino

According to the latest reports, Harrison has filed a lawsuit against Harrah's Casino in which she alleges her entry was denied do to her race, gender, and military status. Harrison also claims that she was falsely accused of fraud by the casino as well as being falsely imprisoned.

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The report notes that WDSU News contacted Caesars Entertainment for comment, in which they said Harrison's drivers license did not clear the casino's system. This is when the casino employee asked Harrison to provide a second form of identification, which is when she showed them her military ID card.

A part of the lawsuit includes that the employee, who is also being sued, looked at the ID and told Harrison, "There is no way you made E-6 that quick", referring to her military rank per the report. The employee also told Harrison that he would contact NOPD for them to resolve the matter, although the report states that NOPD has no record of a call from Harrah's at that date and time.

Caesars Entertainment reportedly went on to state that the information on the military ID card did not match the information verbally provided by Harrison, which is what led to her being denied entry.

See the full report from WDSU News on Facebook below.

According to the above report, Harrison is suing for damages due to emotional distress and also wants Harrah's to alter its identification policies for customers.

See some reactions to the lawsuit from Facebook below.

We will have to wait and see what comes of the lawsuit.

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