As umpires continue cracking down on sticky substance checks, the pitchers are responding in unique ways.

We are only a few days into  MLB’s new foreign substance policy that calls for inspections.

While most pitchers have handled it fine, there are a few who have a ways to go.

Oakland A's ace Sergio Romo responded to an inspection last night by pulling his pants down.

Most of the sticky substance checks have gone smoothly and only lasted a couple of seconds. And all but one has seen the checked pitcher keep his pants on.

Romo has been a jokester throughout his career.

Was he truly upset, or just having fun?

Considering he had just given up a home run and his team was on the wrong side of a blowout, maybe he wasn't in the mood for any sticky business.

No pitcher has been caught with a sticky substance since the policy has been put into practice.

Romo wasn't the only notable story last night regarding substance checks.

Nationals star Max Scherzer had issues with Phillies manager Joe Girardi forcing umpires to check him for a substance, leading to an exchange that eventually saw Giardi ejected and Scherzer threatening to...pull his pants down.

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