Rappers B.o.B and Nicki Minaj have been deemed certifiable in their latest video for ‘Out of My Mind.’ The clip finds the pair in a mental institution where Bobby is clearly the patient and Minaj is the sexy shrink.

In the video, B.o.B has a multiple personality disorder — he’s a monk, Hannibal Lecter and a delusional rapper all into one. We then see the Atlanta rapper in his padded room as the warden and his security manhandles him into a straitjacket to see Dr. Minaj.

Once B.o.B is in her office, Minaj strip teases out of her lab coat and reveals her leopard-printed outfit and high-heel boots. Before finishing her, um, evaluation, the good doctor slips B.o.B a key to help him escape from the hospital.

In the next scene, Bobby is handcuffed to a wheelchair and rolled in to meet his parole board. It’s there that he pleads his case for release but it’s quickly denied when one of the female administrators takes a liking to him. We later see B.o.B. make his escape out of the ward.

Director Benny Boom does a great job with his off-the-wall visuals and allowing B.o.B and Minaj to wild out and gnash their teeth for the camera. B.o.B’s ‘Out of Mind’ video is insanely good fun.

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