B.o.B is sitting on one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2012. Yesterday, the Atlanta-based MC released ‘So Hard to Breathe‘ online to fans via YouTube, which he’s described as his favorite song on his upcoming record. He continues to whet fans’ appetites with ‘Ray Bands,’ the latest taste of his upcoming sophomore effort, ‘Strange Clouds.’

While it’s unclear if ‘Ray Bands’ is or will be an officially released single, the song is featured as the second track on ‘Strange Clouds.’

The track is more upbeat than ‘Both of Us,’ and evokes a more club vibe than most of his previous work, which veered more toward radio-friendly pop. The song isn’t about the star’s affinity for shades, but rather is a tale about a girl who has a taste for the finer things in life. B.o.B embraces more rap than rock here, showing his eclecticism to listeners who may see him as an alternative or pop artist.

“I feel like the sound is a continuum from the last album, just more mature, more refined, more conversational at moments,” B.o.B told PopCrush. Sounds about right to us!

Listen to B.o.B, ‘Ray Bands’