Fashion is constantly changing but with social media and search engines being used by everyone daily they're a lot easier to keep up with. And with 2019 just beginning we can already see some of the new trends taking shape for this year with "Baby Bangs" leading the way.

We all know what bangs are and baby bangs are just a shorter version of those...

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The baby bangs are back so here’s my face💁🏼‍♀️ #babybangs

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Baby Bangs are also known as Chopped Bangs and have been seen not only on social media but on the runway as well. According to Cosmo searches for Baby Bangs are up 51%!  

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Baby bangs are the first trend of 2019 that I’m seeing! Who’s in??#babybangs #hair #repost

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Some other trends to look out for in 2019 include Glossy Makeup, Almond-Shaped Nails and new hair colors including grey and lilac. Many of these we saw taking off already in 2018 and we can expect to see even more of in 2019!


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