Whether it's Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, or DJ Khaled, when you hear someone say "put your hands up", you put your hands up.

Seriously, I'm pretty sure it's physically impossible not to throw your hands in the air when Biggie says "Throw your hands in the air, if you'se a true player", you just have to do it. Kind of like how this baby has to throw his hands in the air every morning when he is untucked from his adorable swaddle constraints.

Luckily, this baby's daddy is the coolest ever and came up with the genius idea to match those perfect little flailing arms to music, and the result is internet gold. How can you not smile when you watch this video? It's like looking at a way cuter version of yourself at the club last Saturday night.

I mean, the "hands up" move is really the only one you need to know, anyone trying to do more than throw their hands up at a club is trying too hard. So, keep throwing up those arms, little dude, you'll have your pro status club moves down before the other kids even learn to walk.

[via YouTube.com, KPtheBaby]

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