Yes, you read that right. J & D Foods, the company that says everything should taste like bacon, has made bacon flavored condoms. They were once an April Fool's joke, but are now a reality.

According to co-founder Justin Esch (the "J" in J&D's Foods), the idea for the condoms developed long time ago, but didn't have the confidence to try making them until the wild success of baconlube. Yes, he said baconlube, which is pictured below.

J&D Foods

Esch said the condoms get their bacon odor and flavor from the lube, and that they have a texture like any other latex condom.

Esch said, adding that a condom with the texture of bacon probably wouldn't appeal to most people.  There are so many jokes here: You can now "pork your girl" and mean it. lol .

Bacon condoms arrive sometime in June and will cost you about $10 for a 3-pack. It's a little more expensive then most condoms, but if your girl likes the flavor or smell of bacon it's worth the money. The condom itself looks like a piece of bacon, shown in pic below. Kind of scared of the women that would like this but what one doesn't like the other will.

J&D Foods

Article by [Huffington Post]