Take a look at the state inspection sticker on the inside of your car's windshield. Is it firmly stuck in place or has it begun to peel around the corners? Chances are if you live in South Louisiana you've experienced some peeling. One state inspection station operator says that about six in ten of his inspection sticker requests come from people whose inspection sticker has either fallen off or is about to fall off.

It has been determined that the problem has to do with choice of adhesive that the manufacturer used on the stickers. That adhesive is not very compatible with high heat. That means that just about everybody in Louisiana will be having an issue with their inspection sticker by the time the summer months are through. That is, if your inspection sticker was manufactured with this less than quality glue. Most of the issues that we've heard about have come from the south western sections of the state.  However Louisiana is not the only state to experience such a problem.

This problem first surfaced in 2013 and officials with the state contacted the manufacturer to see what could be done about the problem. State officials say motorist will not be ticketed for stickers that are peeling. In fact one state inspection facility that we spoke to said he was told by one state official to just use clear packing tape to attach the sticker to the windshield. That operator did not wish to be identified in this posting.

What should you do if you have a peeling inspection sticker? I could not find anyone who could give me an exact answer for that question. The basic opinion is use clear tape to attach the sticker to the window and then go visit a state inspection station and see if a new sticker is necessary. Obviously, if you've lost your sticker you are responsible for replacing it. By the way, even if your sticker falls off you still have to have one. Trust me, no State Trooper is going to believe your story,even if it is true.


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