I've seen my fair share of out of control kids in public, but THIS kid takes the cake.

Outrageous footage shows a little boy running wild, spitting on customers, and downright terrorizing an entire Chuck E. Cheese's with no parents in sight.

UPDATE: A video compilation featuring all the clips of the menacing little boy has been uploaded. Be aware, this video does have NSFW language as onlookers react to this kid's bad behavior.

The man behind the camera followed the kid as he menaced his way through the arcade, bullying customers an wreaking havoc.

Click HERE to see the bad kid walking/spitting all over the skee ball machines.


Click HERE to see the bad kid spitting and throwing basketballs at customers.


Click HERE to see the bad kid punching a kid playing a race car game.


 Click HERE to see the bad kid spitting on a mom while riding this Clifford dog.


Click HERE to see more bullying, more spitting and more terrorizing.


Besides a bad a** kid wildin' out, all these videos have one thing in common:


So, where are parents? It seems to to be the popular question for the tens of thousands of people who have commented on the videos that have now gone viral.

According to a comment from the Facebook user who filmed and posted the videos, the kid ran amuck for over an hour, and by the time he left Chuck E. Cheese's, the parents were STILL nowhere to be found.

Many criticized the Chuck E. Cheese's employees for not doing enough to stop the little boy, but in this day and age, there are only so many things you can do to a child without any legal ramifications.

While this video has shocked and amused many of us watching it on the web, we sure do hope this little boy gets the proper care that he needs.

Then after he gets care, he DEFINITELY needs some discipline in his life. Sheesh.