Last night during Barbara Walters' ABC Special of "The Most Fascinating People Of 2012," she sat down with the controversial governor from New Jersey, Chris Christie, and things got really awkward when she addressed his weight issue.

The governor is known for not holding back, and he often tells you like it is. Rarely will Gov. Chrisitie hold back his thoughts, and last night during the interview with Babara Walters on the ABC Special it was vintage Gov. Christie.

During the interview, Barbara Walters asked the good governor if he was too heavy to be the President of the United States. Many have speculated that he could make a run for the White House before his political career is over, but his weight seems to always come up in the same conversation.

Well last night during the interview, Babara Walters did not hold back. As a broadcaster, talking about someone's weight is always a very touchy subject, yet if that's what people want to know about...sometime you just have to "go in" on the subject. Imagine how uncomfortable this must have been for Barbara Walters to ask this question.