What just happened here?

A video of an Arizona basketball player has surfaced on social media as he exits the court and he appears to slap the chest of a cheerleader.

As you can see below, the player extends his arm/hand out as he walks off the court, then appears to make contact with the cheerleader's chest.

Some say that the player was just stretching and note that he quickly retreated upon making contact with the young lady that was courtside.

Still, the internet continues to investigate and assume here, but we may never really know if this was intentional or not.

Here's the video that has many debating whether or not this basketball player meant to make contact with the cheerleader.

Now, let's check out what some are saying about this viral video of the player appearing to tap the cheerleader.

For the record, here's a different camera angle and you do see the player bowing to the crowd and stretching out his arm. As they once would say on Monday Night Football, you make the call.

Check this out.



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