According to reports, a Baton Rouge man has been arrested after parking his car in the street and falling asleep inside. The man, who was arrested earlier in the year at Disney World for refusing a temperature check, failed field sobriety tests with authorities.

See the report from @WBRZ via Twitter below.

According to the above post, Kelly Sills of Baton Rouge was found by authorities after receiving calls regarding a parked vehicle in the middle of Bluebonnet Boulevard near I-10. The report says that Sills was found unconscious and had substantial damage to both sides of his vehicle.

If the name Kelly Sills is ringing a bell for you, that is because he is the same man that was arrested in Disney World back in April of this year after refusing a temperature check from park employees.

Orlando Sentinel via Orange County Sheriff's Department

If you remember the story, Sills told authorities that he had, "paid $15,000" for the trip to Disney World as they informed him that he was trespassing at the park after refusing to leave on his own accord.

Orange County Sheriff's Department

WBRZ reports that this statement by Sills prompted former employees of his company to come forward with complaints that he had not paid some of their medical bills, even though insurance deductions were coming out of their paycheck.

See the video from the February incident below.

The report says that Sills was arrested on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and obstruction of a highway.

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