If you were on College Dr. at I-10 Saturday night in Baton Rouge, you may have been stuck in this gridlock.

Baton Rouge Police are reportedly investigating a traffic incident that occurred at a major intersection in the city.

Social Media posts show several people standing in the roadway at College and I-10 while cars did burnouts and doughnuts in the roadway.

If this sounds familiar it's because a number of cities are having to address this irresponsible behavior on the roads.

We have seen similar videos of this type of reckless driving from Lafayette and New Orleans in recent weeks.

Now, Baton Police say that they are working to figure out who was behind the wheel of these vehicles, that shut down the intersection Saturday night.

On a side note, I also saw a number of burnout marks on Siegen Ln. in Baton Rouge, near Top Golf.

Here are just a few of the videos out of Baton Rouge that surfaced on social media, showing cars circling people standing in the intersection.

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