A Baton Rouge police officer is under investigation by internal affairs after allegedly criticizing a teenage girl who had a frightening encounter with a deranged gunman that shot an officer.

Charley Scott, a high school senior, recounted her chilling experience with 30-year-old Justin Roberts.

While leaving a shopping center, Scott unintentionally turned in front of Roberts' gold Jeep SUV. To her dismay, the Jeep began tailing her, repeatedly cutting her off and brake-checking along the way. When Scott arrived home and closed the garage door, Roberts pulled into her driveway, only to hastily reverse and depart seconds later.

Shortly thereafter, Scott learned about a shooting at the same shopping center and recognized the shooter's SUV as the one that had followed her home. Astonished, she realized the potential danger she had narrowly escaped.

Roberts had opened fire as police responded to a disturbance in the parking lot. Officer Shawn Kelly from Denham Springs was critically injured, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds, while Roberts himself was fatally shot by a Livingston Parish sheriff's deputy.

In an attempt to warn others, Scott's mother, Kim Domangue, shared her daughter's harrowing encounter on Facebook. Amidst the supportive messages, one comment from Baton Rouge police officer Matthew Hurley shocked her.

Facebook, Kim Domangue
Facebook, Kim Domangue

Hurley expressed a hope that Scott would "feel bad" about the shooting, suggesting blame on the teenager.

Upon discovering the offensive message, the Baton Rouge Police Department initiated an internal investigation into Officer Hurley's remarks. Chief Murphy Paul personally contacted Domangue, offering apologies on behalf of the department.

Domangue also mentioned hearing about previous complaints against Hurley, suggesting that his past behavior would be part of the ongoing internal review.

See the full story here via WBRZ.

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