Louisiana's favorite adopted son, Joe Burrow, is sure getting tons of support from his secondary home state, but it's his signature burrito that's currently taking the spotlight.

Zippy's Joey Burriteaux
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Joe Burrow Zippy's 'Joey Burriteaux'

Zippy's Burritos Tacos & More, located on Perkins Road in Baton Rouge, is excited about former LSU QB Joe Burrow playing in Super Bowl LVI 2022 as the Bengals take on the Rams.

Clearly, with Burrow's Louisiana connection, most of the state is behind Joe.

We already told you about the Cincinnati bakery making King Cakes in honor of Joe Burrow called "King of the Jungle", but as you get geared up for the big game, don't forget about Burrow's signature burrito!

From theadvocate.com -

The burrito was designed by LSU's Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback in 2019 when he was leading the LSU Tigers to a national championship.

Zippy's began offering it shortly after Burrow placed an order for a build-your-own burrito.


The Joey Burriteaux is made with steak, cheese, corn, rice, guacamole, grilled onions, sour cream, and salsa.

The regular Joey Burriteaux sells for $13.37, and the large or "Heisman Size" sells for $15.93.

You can check out Zippy's menu, hours of operation, and more at zippysburritos.com.

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