Things went from bad to worse for a Baton Rouge store clerk who was identified and issued a misdemeanor summons after pouring water on a homeless woman in freezing weather conditions.

Kasey Weber, 33, of Livingston Parish has been charged with simple battery for drenching a homeless woman with a bucket of water outside of the Triple S food store in Baton Rouge. According to WAFB, Weber was terminated for the disturbing act that was recorded and uploaded to social media.

The video is still up on a public Facebook page that seems to be run by Weber.

Weber reportedly made the decision to pour the bucket of water on the homeless woman after she refused to leave the premises. While her inhumane act was a decision she made in response to someone not adhering to her orders, Weber hasn't always practiced what she preaches when it comes to following the law.

WAFB posted her lengthy rap sheet which included multiple arrests for theft in Walmart, Albertson's, Best Buy, and other stores in East Baton Rouge. Weber has also been charged with theft "six different times since 2014" in Livingston Parish.

As for her penchant for stealing, Weber told an officer who arrested her for shoplifting in 2015 that she’d been arrested for the same crime four previous times, records state. She told the arresting officer she often stole items to “support her boyfriend.”

Weber did six months in parish prison for stealing merchandise from Best Buy on Millerville Drive in Baton Rouge back in 2015–just one year after she was arrested on three different occasions for stealing in East Baton Rouge Parish.

In one of those cases, she punched an undercover loss-prevention worker who tried to stop her from leaving an Albertson’s grocery store with a buggy she had loaded up with nearly $750 worth of stolen groceries.

She also received a 90-day sentence in parish prison back in 2014 after she was busted shoplifting "with a male accomplice."

The two were arrested outside of a Walmart store with a buggy containing four cases of stolen Bud Light beer, three pairs of men’s work boots, and one roll of paper towels.

Weber still has a drug possession charge pending from 2020 according to records after police found her "passed out inside a vehicle near downtown Baton Rouge with drugs in plain view."

On the aforementioned public Facebook page that is seemingly being run by Weber, she has acknowledged her past mistakes but has continued to spar with her detractors for their criticism of her despicable actions that have made national headlines.


See the full story here via WAFB.

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