Beastie Boys Square won't be a location on any New York City map anytime soon.

The Lower East Side's Community Board 3 claims that LeRoy McCarthy, the man behind the petition to name the intersection, needs to get more signatures.

According DNAinfo, the community board debated the issue for over 90 minutes about whether or not the proposal met the guidelines to honor a co-naming of the intersection at Ludlow and Rivington Streets. Some of the guidelines include the requirement to gain local support -- in this case through signatures -- and show at least 15 years of community involvement.

While many Beastie loyalists and hip-hop fans will attest to the fact that the rap trio's 1989 album cover, 'Paul's Boutique' -- which features the intersection -- made the street corner an iconic cultural location, committee chairman David Crane begs to differ.

However, this rejection doesn't mean all is lost. Five of the nine members on the committee voted that they would support McCarthy's proposal for Beastie Boys Square if he can get 150 of the local residents to sign the petition. Of the 1,563 supporters, only 26 are actual residents of the particular area -- leaving him with only 20 residents and nine businesses on the street and intersection for him to convince to sign.

Although it seems like a great feat, McCarthy is positive and promises the board that he will be back with the required number of signatures in the next couple of months.

To show your support for the co-naming of 'Beastie Boys Square,' click here.

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