Like a late Christmas gift given to you by your out-of-town aunt, a video surfaces that's actually not so new, but it's incredibly interesting for hip-hop heads nonetheless.

We're talking about visuals for the Beastie Boys' cut 'Too Many Rappers' featuring Nas, off the group's 2011 album, 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.'

The video was reportedly discovered by a Beasties fan, and it eventually ended up on Neal Usatin's website -- an editor who worked with the group in the past.

Overall, the clip finds all four rappers exchanging bars as they walk around town delivering their lyrics inside a grocery store, a park, the studio and on the stage.

Why the video was never released until now is a mystery, considering the effort is better than many of the clips released these days -- no WorldStarHipHop quality here -- but better late than never, right? Plus, it's great to see group member Adam Yauch, aka MCA, rapping, as he tragically passed away in 2012.

Fans will be pleased with the concert footage showcased in the clip, which finds the Beasties and the Queensbridge MC rocking the stage for a large and presumably very happy crowd.

The video was directed by Roman Coppola, who did a stellar job of capturing the rap group in their natural element.

Take a trip down memory lane with the microphone fiends above.

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