One of my favorite holidays has finally arrived. I personally train and condition myself all year for Cinco De Mayo, and this year I planned on taking things to the next level.

Cinco De Mayo is a day when people are feeling a little more daring and also really thirsty.

A huge part of Cinco De Mayo does include food, so finding good tacos, salsa and real guacamole is pretty important—but to be honest do you really care about how good or bad the salsa tastes if the margaritas are on point?

I hit the streets on a mission, asking everyday people where they prefer to get drinks to start the fiesta. Some of the answers were predictable, while others had me traveling to places I've never been, but all of them involved margs.

Here are some of the top options in Acadiana when it comes to getting your margarita fix.

  1. La Caretta
  2. La Fonda
  3. La Pagua
  4. Legends
  5. Jefferson St. Pub
  6. Urbanos Taqueria
  7. Agave
  8. Chili's
  9. Cupid's Daiquiris
  10. El Paso Mexican Grill

What do you think of the list? Did we miss any

Also here's a trick that might help with any shots. Try a sliced orange with a shot of tequila instead of lime.

You're welcome for that #LifeHack.

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