Brad Pitt and Zach Galifianakis strike comedic gold in the latest installment of 'Between Two Ferns'—including a surprise visit from Louis C.K.

The Funny or Die series is known for it's painfully awkward exchanges between host Galifianakis and a variety of guests that have included names like Will Ferrell, Justin Bieber and even Barack Obama.

Other than the two potted plants that flank Galifianakis and his guests in the low-budget studio setting, the only constant is the bizarre and often inappropriate questions the guests are presented with.

In the most recent episode Brad Pitt is spared no mercy.

Do you think people focus too much on your looks and don’t even realize that you’re just a sh—y actor?

Galifianakis hurls plenty of other insults at Pitt, who seemingly takes it like a champ. He mispronounces the actor's latest film 'Furry' (Fury) and at one point he cuts off Brad Pitt by bringing out comedian Louis C.K. to help along the "terrible" interview.

At one point, Pitt has enough and finally gets his revenge on the disrespectful host.

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