Following in the footsteps of Diplo and Skrillex and French Montana and Detail, DJ Mustard offers his own remix of Beyonce’s infectious anthem, ‘7/11.’

Mustard’s reworking boasts an EDM beat, hand claps and bouncy synthesizers. It also features Queen Bey’s lyrics in which she boasts, “Mad 'cause I'm so fresh / Fresher than you / I'm fresher than you / Fresher than you, oh.”

Elsewhere, the R&B superstar’s command of “Smack it in the air” also permeates the track.

Overall, DJ Mustard’s remix is tailor-made for turning up in the club.

If you love this club remix, be on the lookout for DJ Mustard’s version of Kanye West’s lullaby ballad ‘Only One.’ That one should be an interesting listen.

Listen to DJ Mustard's Remix of Beyonce's '7/11'

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