Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is trying to divert the blame for his lewd remark about women (“Grab them by the p----”) to R&B and hip-hop. As if.

One of Trump surrogates, Betsy McCaughey, appeared on CNN and tried to defend the billionaire mogul by suggesting that Beyonce’s lyrics are just as lewd as Trump’s sexualized remarks.

In an attempt to smear Hillary Clinton, McCaughey cited Beyonce's "Formation" lyrics ("Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper...when he f--- me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay") and wondered why Clinton wasn't offended by that.

Much like Don Lemon, we find it laughable too.

Of course, the Beyhive was not happy with the shade, and went into formation to deliver the heavy slander on McCaughey.

"Oh they done did it now, now Trump gonna catch the hell of the Beyonce social media army. Beehive attack!" tweeted one fan. Another person wrote, "Oh, Betsy McCaughey, honey, we'd vote for Beyoncé, if we could."

Finally, one follower summed it up perfectly how Donald Trump's crude remarks doesn't equate to Beyoncé's empowering lyrics.

"What Trump talked about wasn't consensual. What Beyoncé sang about was. The fact that some people don't see the distinction is frightening," she tweeted.

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