According to TMZ, Matthew Knowles, the father of singer Beyonce, has filled legal papers explaining why his daughter fired him as her manager. He claims that she was falsely informed by LIVE Nation of his alleged theft, and thus she removed him from her management team once she was informed of the allegations. Matthew Knowles claims that LIVE Nation wanted in on Beyonce's 2011 World Tour, thus they created the separation between he and his daughter. In his legal file, the father of the singer says that the LIVE Nation Promotion was successful because Beyonce had her legal team audit him. According to documents, Beyonce's legal team found that her father was indeed stealing from her.

Matthew Knowles says such allegations are false.

I ask, how would you feel if you had to fire one of your parents? How do you look them in the eye and say, "You're FIRED!!!!" Secondly, how heart-broken would you be if you found out that the one's you trust the most were stealing from you? In any case, this can't be healthy for their relationship both personally and professionally.

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