From the biggest non-call in NFL history to the biggest failure in front office history, its been a most painful 8 days in Louisiana pro sports.

Sunday before last, the state's favorite team, the New Orleans Saints, lost in the NFC Championship game in an already infamous episode of nefarious ineptitude on the part of an officiating crew.

The failure was so astronomical, the national media, even some of the league's perceived shills, continue to bring up aspects of the story today, the week of the Super Bowl, casting a shadow over the biggest annual sporting event in America.

The other professional sports team owned by Gayle Benson, the New Orleans Pelicans, don't have the same size fanbase as the Saints, but for the hardcore supporters of the team, today delivered another emotional blow.

Superstar Anthony Davis, the most talented player in franchise history, has informed the team he won't sign his super max extension this summer and is requesting a trade.

Davis is turning down a five-year, $240 million supermax extension, which would be the biggest contract in NBA history. That alone tells you how much the franchise has screwed up.

While Saints fans are angry at Roger Goodell and the officials involved in the Superdome screwjob, the majority of Pelicans fans have responded to the Davis news with, "Can you blame him?"

Davis' request isn't a surprise, though the timing is a few months sooner than some expected. That being said, it doesn't make it less agonizing.

Reality now sets in that the Pelicans will lose one of the best basketball players on the planet because they completely failed to surround a generational talent with a consistent winner.

Unfortunately, it sets in 8 days after the most painful loss* in Saints history.

We won't get mulligans, despite what NFL Rule 17, Section 2, Article 1 says.

If you're a Saints and Pelicans fan, this has undoubtedly been the worst 8 day stretch of your sports fandom.

January of 2019 can't end soon enough.

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