Professional cycling really don’t impress us much. These guys have been chemically and physically engineered from birth to become pedal monsters and ride biked made by NASA engineers that could withstand the wind resistance produced by a nuclear holocaust.

Frankly, we’d rather see “Big Wheel Racing” in the Olympics than cycling, especially now that we know it’s a real thing.

Every year on Easter Sunday in San Francisco, a crowd of enthusiastic Big Wheel riders grab their favorite childhood toy and head to the world famous Lombard Street aka the world’s most crooked street. They start at the very top and let gravity do the rest.

It’s a crime that this isn’t a serious pro sport. Trying to navigate these curves with nothing more than a giant plastic wheel and your feet look more complicated than a 10-speed bike ever could.

Plus, this just isn’t some hapless attempt to reclaim one’s youth. It’s a serious race with serious turns and power-slides and insane pileups and crashes. Even a few innocent bystanders can get knocked over if they’re not careful.

It the most fun can have with a toy that doesn’t come from an adult novelty store.

[Via Wired]

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