If you're scoring at home on your "Apocolypse Bingo Card" and you've already crossed off a pandemic, deadly tornadoes, oil prices in the dumper along with stock market crashes and celebrities unable to get haircuts you can now cross off another certain sign of mankind's impending doom.

That sign? Louisiana's entomological community is now saying that the state is home to bigger, meaner, nastier, fire ants. Yeah, you'd think we'd have already experienced every kind of bad luck known to mankind this year but no, there's now this to deal with too.

A new LSU study shows that flooding from both freshwater and saltwater sources are amping up the already aggressive behavior of the red fire ant. According to the report, the flooding also triggers a genetic response in the insects to grow bigger heads for stronger biting and larger venom sacs for making every one of those bites even more painful.

Scientists with LSU say the amp up ants are more likely to found near the coast where the saltwater flooding really gets their motors running. But don't think you can't get stung or bitten or whatever the hell those creatures from hell do in your own front yard.

Make sure you check your yard for anthills and nests. Call a professional exterminator to make sure the ants have been safely removed from your property for the sake of children and pets. And if you do get stung, should you pop that ant bite or not?


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