Bill O'Reilly is taking aim at Beyonce once again. This time, he's blaming the singer for high rates of teen pregnancy amongst African Americans, and this latest round of anger comes just days after the she landed on TIME's magazine's "100 Most Influential People" cover.

If you remember, back in March, the Fox News political commentator verbally attacked Beyonce during an interview with Russell Simmons. O'Reilly said her 'Partition' video was "exploitative garbage" and that her songs are way too sexy for the kids who love her music, resulting in her listeners becoming sexual at an early age.

In addition, the usually grumpy newscaster said the 'Partition' creator is responsible for many African-American women having children out of wedlock, which many would undoubtedly disagree with.

It's true that Beyonce has turned the sexiness dial up to 10 with her latest self-titled album, in terms of her new songs and overall imagery, but claiming that she's responsible for out of wedlock pregnancies is a real stretch -- like she's the only one making sexually-charged music these days.

But hey, that's Bill O'Reilly for you. And if he didn't find something or someone to rail against, he'd probably be out of a job. So it seems job security and maintaining relevance has a lot to do with his selective outrage. In other words, dude is mad sometimey.

Watch Bill O'Reilly Blame Beyonce for Increase of Black Teen Pregnancy

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