Celebrating birthdays are aways fun until your friends take the celebration too far by egging you on to drink a little more than you should. One birthday boy celebrated his big day by knocking back apple juice shots, proving that you don't need alcohol to have a great time.

Twitter via @lifewithbria
Twitter via @lifewithbria

I would be lying if I said that I haven't woken up the morning after my birthday with a raging hangover. It's always regrettable when the celebration goes a few shots too far. In most cases, I would have preferred to not drink at all.

This young boy has got it figured out, as he throws down a few apple juice shots to celebrate his special day.

See the video posted to Twitter by @lifewithbria below.

I can already tell that this Aunt will be the first person the birthday boy calls when he is in a pinch during his teenage years. She made sure that the toddler had a good time on his big day, pouring him up a few apple juice shots to go along with the cupcakes.

Other Twitter users seemed to enjoy the video as well.

The short video shows what kind of personality this little guy has. It looks like he really enjoyed his birthday celebration.

No doubt, the sugar rush was coming for the young man but hey - it's his birthday so let him wild out! The apple juice shots actually look delicious and it may a be a future out for me when I am at the bar and someone tries to pass me a shot. "Hey barkeep - swap that out for an ounce of AJ if you don't mind".

My advice to this young one, there will come a time where someone tries to switch that juice out for liquor. Do yourself a favor and stick to the apple juice, you will thank me later!

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